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Crystal Farm Nibblers Pack Big Flavor in Bite Size Cheese

Cheese Snack Packs Offer Fresh Flavors for Grown Up Tastes

Crystal Farms Nibblers










There are new bite size cheeses in the dairy aisle of grocery stores. Crystal Farms introduced their new cheese Nibblers just in time for the new school year. These individual snack packs are the perfect size for school lunches, and are made with trendy flavors that will appeal to adults on the go.

Made from pasteurized milk, each 1.5 oz, single serving snack bag delivers 9 – 10 grams of protein, a great way to stave off mid-morning cravings and after school hunger until dinner. They are made from cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese and come in four popular flavors chipotle pepper, sour cream and onion, habanero, and smoky BBQ.  I tried all four and would buy three of them again.

  • Chipotle Pepper Cheddar Nibblers. Chipotle and cheddar go together like peanut butter and jelly. These little tidbits of cheese have a warm, smoky smell that carries through to the cheese which has a smoked pepper and soft garlic taste. The cheese finishes with a little bite. I found the cheese had a better flavor at room temperature, and I think it would be good on top of a bowl of chili.
  • Sour Cream & Onion Monterey Jack Nibblers. These bite sized pieces of Monterey jack have a distinct onion smell when the bag is opened. The flavor reminds me of freshly made sour cream and onion dip – a mild and creamy flavor of sweet onion and a tangy sour cream finish.
  • Habanero Monterey Jack Nibblers. I could only detect a slight scent of pepper when I opened the bag. However, when I popped a few pieces into my mouth, the flavor kicked in. These cheese pieces have a distinct pepper flavor and more heat than the chipotle pepper Nibbers. This is not a complex cheese, it is Monterey jack after all, but it does have nice bite.
  • Smoky BBQ Cheddar Nibblers. I tend to gravitate to BBQ flavored food items including pulled pork, ribs and chips. But this was my least favorite of the four Nibbler flavors. The bland BBQ flavor overpowers the cheddar cheese which leaves the individual nuggets tasting like fake cheese.

Overall, I liked the Nibblers and believe they have a variety of uses outside of snacking including on salads, soups and even appetizer toppings. There may even be a play for these flavored nuggets as deep-fried cheese curds at the Minnesota State Fair next year. Now there’s an idea that’s worth exploring!

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