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New Triscuit Snack Cracker Flavors – A Must or Bust?

A Review of Triscuit’s New Brown Rice, Sweet Potato and Red Bean Crackers

Triscuit Brown Rice, Red Bean, Sweet Potato Crackers

Triscuits have been a staple of appetizer trays and snacking for decades. These square, baked whole wheat snack crackers have been around since 1903 and remained in their original flavor for decades. In more recent years Nabisco introduced variations on their classic brand introducing thin crisps, reduced fat, low sodium and rye with caraway seeds to name just a few. Now they are introducing a new line of crackers blending whole grain brown rice and wheat with sweet potato or red beans. Their new snack cracker line includes five new flavors:

  1. Triscuit Brown Rice with Sea Salt and Pepper
  2. Triscuit Brown Rice Tomato & Sweet Basil
  3. Triscuit Brown Rice baked with Sweet Potato – Roasted Sweet Onion
  4. Triscuit Brown Rice baked with Red Bean – Roasted Red Pepper
  5. Triscuit Brown Rice baked with Red Bean – Savory Red Bean

In the interest of full disclosure, it wasn’t until I was an adult that I appreciated these hearty whole wheat crackers and what they had to offer as a snack and appetizer. So, I eagerly picked up a box of the Brown Rice baked with Sweet Potato Roasted Sweet Onion and the Brown Rice baked with Red Bean Roasted Red Pepper. Here’s what I found.

 Triscuit Cracker300x300Brown Rice baked with Sweet Potato – Roasted Sweet Onion

This cracker has an oily, fried appearance which surprised me with a baked cracker. Unlike traditional Triscuits these appear to be pressed with wheat ridges. Unlike traditional Triscuits which often break and may even crumble when you bite them, this cracker has a distinct crunch when you bite it and it doesn’t crumble. The cracker is generously coated with and intense flavor powder of mellow sweet onion flavor and it’s hard to resist licking your fingers after handling it. I didn’t pick up on the sweet potato flavor. The cracker does leave a greasy residue so it is best to have a napkin handy. I’ve read other peoples’ review of this flavor and it’s received a lot of positive reviews. While I like really like the flavor of this cracker, the overall texture and greasiness of the cracker didn’t impress me. My other taste testers in the house had a similar opinion of this Triscuit.

Brown Rice baked with Red Bean – Roasted Red Pepper

This savory cracker also has an oily, fried appearance. When I opened the box I could smell the roasted pepper. The flavor is true to the product description and contains a prominent red pepper and red bean flavor with the addition of a light garlic and onion flavor which compliments the red bean and pepper flavors. It was good, but I liked the Roasted Sweet Onion variety better.

In short…I liked the flavors of these crackers and they are sturdy enough to hold a big appetizer topping. The downside, the texture and greasy residue. If you are looking for a hearty cracker, stick with the traditional Triscuit and pass on the new brown rice and red bean combos.

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