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A Cup of Wine – Copa Di Vino Review

If you’re a fan of Shark Tank, then you have likely seen entrepreneur James Martin pitch his Copa Di Vino idea – a single cup of wine sold in a high-impact, plastic glass. After appearing on Shark Tank twice and believing the Sharks were under valuing his Copa Di Vino, Martin ventured out on his own to market and sell the product.

The single serving glass of wine is perfectly sized for outdoor gatherings. The miniature packaging is easy to pack and carry, and you don’t need a bottle opener. Plus the thick plastic is shatter resistant – great for taking it to the hotel pool area where a traditional glass can’t go.

But how does it taste? I had low expectations, anticipating that the wine would just be a variation of the miniature, single-serve, screw top bottles of wine they serve on airplanes and in hotels. My guess was correct. I sampled four varieties of wine and found them just average with nothing notable about any of them. Small packaging convenience aside, you can purchase a good bottle of wine for $10, with a screw top for convenience, which is a better value than the almost $4 per single-serve bottle I spent. The verdict? Resist the cute marketing packaging and invest in a wine with solid flavor.


Pinot Grigio

Of the four wines I tried, this was my favorite. It has a fruit nose, and a crisp light taste with a pronounced tart, green apple flavor. It has a clean finish and was very light.






The chardonnay had a similar apple flavor to the Pinot Grigio with the addition of some tropical flavors. This wine was a little heavier in body than the Pinot Grigio, and both the red wines I sampled too.






Cabernet Sauvignon

A deep purplish red colored wine, with a dark berry nose, and flavors of tobacco, cedar, black cherry and berry. A tannic, light bodied wine with a flavor that doesn’t linger.








Dark red color with a peppery nose, and black plum and berry flavors. A light bodied wine like the Cabernet, and tannic as well. No lingering flavors.


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  1. I really looked forward to trying my Copa Di Vino that I had seen twice on Shark Tank and purchased from Walgreen’s. The three most significant comments I have are 1: the Copa di Vino unit is not sanitary; i.e., the plastic lid comes down nowhere far enough to cover any previous customers’ picking it up to examine it; 2: the moscato was from Chile, and at both visits to the Shark Tank the proprietor stressed he want HIS product in the ‘copa,’ and 3: the moscato was absolutely way below par for even the lowest cost moscato, and I’m far from being a wine connosoir (sp?).

    Overall, I wouldn’t buy this product again, nor would I recommend it to friends. Big dissapoinment!

    • Dianne

      I tried the Moscato…yes, I fell for the cute little bottle. I got mine in a convenience store and it was only $2.49. I probably wouldn’t have tried it at the $4 price. I’m not much of a wine drinker. I like them sweet and the Moscato wasn’t what I would call sweet.

  2. Im drinking the White Zinfandel and it is pretty good, but of course its better to buy the full size… I fell for the cute bottle…

    • Yes, the cute bottle is what caught my eye as well!

  3. penny burke

    You are being too harsh on this product. I am an older woman who goes to dinner with other old women, who mostly don’t drink, so these small wine glasses are just perfect. It is so annoying to take a bottle of wine, take two drinks out of it and either have to leave it or take it home. The Cabernet Savignon is terrific. Who says you have to be a Wine Maven?
    Lighten up people and be glad somebody thought of it.

  4. Joan

    I bought two servings of the Chardonnay. Honestly, it was not good, Tasted like very cheap wine. I regretted buying the 2nd serving, but drank it because I didn’t want to waste it. It was just as bad as the first one. I don’t know what the big fuss is. I certainly won’t buy it again.

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